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Summer over already? Well kids might be going back to school but summer is not over yet. Dodge the rain with Matt Coplon, do demos with Mat Olson, Flow with smooth styles Thomas Noyer, gawk at Wade Lajlar and his lady, and check out PRODUCTS and SHOP here. InstaVids of the week are amazing. Get up and dance. Not the rain dance. Or the tiny dancer...unless your going to hold me closer like Tony Danza...who's the boss now? -Chad D MATT COPLON "Finally a break from the rain. @matt_coplon 5:30pm yesterday in tampa. Pic by @scgsteve" 11807192_1039184882767076_2047033951227411436_o   Wade Lajlar and his lady @the_official_tattoo_barbie teamed up to get this pic. Give them a follow and check out all the wild stuff their into. @wlajlar rocking that @tomvillarreal lifted frame in villateal color. #Bmx#Decobmx #decocanada IMG_1442IMG_1443

Eat The Streets 2015 - Albuquerque BMX Jam

The second stop of ABQ DNV's Eat The Streets 2015 jam series went down in Albuquerque, New Mexico. With the success of the recent ETS Denver Jam we were excited to see what New Mexico would have in store. The level of riding exceeded our expectations, and even more important that was seeing that all involved had an amazing afternoon on their bikes! "Albuquerque Eat The Streets has come and gone with so many great memories made with old friends and new ones. We knew this stop in Albuquerque was going to be a serious one just based off our large following in ABQ as well as all our past events here. We have been doing events in ABQ for over a decade and have been pushing our local scene in all ways possible. One of the most amazing things about this stop was the younger following that came to watch and participate in Eat The Streets. To see these kids out riding bikes and being beyond excited to watch and see whats moves the guys would do on all the different setups was amazing! This is why we do what we do, we throw these jams to showcase how fun BMX is for all ages and that everyone can participate with all levels of riding. For our love of BMX brings us together. The level of riding on this ETS was a bit gnarly but ABQ never disappoints. The sessions at all the spots had tons of people but it turned into a heavy sessions with a few of our ABQDNV boys with the crowds going off for them. Hope you enjoy watching this video as much as we did making it. Thank you for all your support and following us in what we do, If it was not for the BMX community we would not be able to put on these events. Thank you all and heres to the next one!" - Mario Carrasco / ABQ DNV

@bmxtrickstars and @matuptobatside by side flips for the crowd out in Tennessee.

Williamson county fair. Rob Nolli, Dustin Mcarty, Scott Ditchfield, and myself performing south of Nashville. I have done a bunch of shows, but this has to be one of the better crews to do shows with. Each of us switching it up on vert and the box jump while Scott kills the flat ground. Leaning to go higher and higher on this ramp has given me a chance to get more comfortable in a spot where I am usually not. -Mat Olson Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 11.19.11 AMIMG_5082IMG_5088IMG_5104 Upcoming events: 10672306_783064938477146_1766148482072981530_n11755783_10153069853709142_830905885602637629_n InstaVids of the week:
Moment of ZEN
  #Repost @hallofmeatbikes ??? Omg ouch #Bmx #gap #stuffwentwrong   A video posted by Branch Bmx (@branchbmx) on
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