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Was hard to get this post up today seeing as I am a family man with two kids and when the school calls saying my daughter might need stitches but I need to come get her puts everything on the back burner. Shes fine. Pretty sure she just wanted to get out early on Friday so she took a dive head first into the ladder. Damn kids give me gray hair. That will happen to when you see the new pegs, this is 1 of 3 styles and once you feel them...damn lets just say you might need a bib. TA hits you with some meaning in his riding and why he rides like he does in this amazing edit for Headrush. Tim Knoll just got a TA and some fine ass Deco goods but just after this FORD extended commercial aired. Coplon on the weekend tip again, just the tip. Win some Profile goods but you had better act quick and if you don't you can still try and connect the dots, which BMX needs more of. Real Toughness battle uncut. AGUN stepping into the game and is coming out swinging, check them out. SPOT Roast is happening and if you don't know by now you won't know. Mr. Filth hits you. Some facebook clips you have to see. Pinata give away? Tom V just before the rain edit in cali. AND if you have to do it go head first. END -Chad D
Just the tip. Its about to get real good. Actually its been good but now it will be better. More info soon. Peg HeadRush - Terry Adams Promo 2013 I honestly put my heart and soul into this thing so It means a lot to me. I focused the edit on the commentary because I wanted to let other riders around the world know that BMX is about freedom and doing what you love. Thanks so much. Terry  AKA TA HeadRush - Terry Adams Promo 2013 from Mickey Gaidos on Vimeo. Tim Knoll extended FORD Commercial doing what he does... Sometimes you have to take the bad with the good. This isn't something you see much...Coplon crash. Ghetto wall ride in the growth is so high, damn. And the fakie bar is rad with that bright blue sky. Weekend warrior getting it done. Matt Eats it Coplon Wall Roast Tampa Coplon Fakie Bar Just got this "I want free shit" email, take a read and let me know what I should do. Also keep in mind this turned out to be a mass email to a bunch of companies. Which fish will bite...sit tight and see.
I was wondering if you guys like sponsor riders or like hook them up with free stuff , i know you probably get this all the time but i was just wondering cause i am getting really good on the bmx and none of my local shops or distributers sponsor people people i know bmx is about the fun but its not so fun when parts break and you cant afford to do something you enjoy , let me know
spot roast copy
These bitches are ready to ship and OUT NOW.
These are out now.
We have chosen to learn from the past and roll the clock back the the beginning. Filled with chromoly axle goodness and loaded with the plastic freshness expected from a quality 10 pin plastic pedal. Move over black and clear,  even a person who notices nothing will notice chrome and ask “Are those metal”? You can laugh and say “Nope, their plastic”, then twist your mustache and roll into the sunset. 13.6 oz. for the pair Clear, Clear Black, Vacuum Plated Silver, Black (glass fiber), Money Green, and Purple *NEW* 9 Metal removable pin PC pedals in Black and Silver 16 oz. for the pair MSRP $18.99 Black $26.99 silver $24.99 black w/metal pins $32.99 silver w/metal pins More details HERE pc-with-metal-pins-green1-296x300 correct-purple Want to win some free shirts from Profile Racing? This is an easy one, CLICK HERE and read how to. Now you know and then you will be all dressed fine as all hell. It just doesn't stop with the Deco dudes. Icy weather, rain, it doesn't matter. Bmx is still happening. Mat hittin you with a quickie! www.agunbmx.com stepping it up with this 19.5" TT Succubus Lite. AgunBMX The good photos coming from http://WWW.IRIEAZPHOTO.COM of Mr. Filth himself. filth irie
The 2nd annual end-of-the-year Baltimore jam. It's in a big parking garage at
3551 Washington Blvd
Arbutus, MD 21227
10 minutes outside of Baltimore city. There's plenty of room to ride flat and we will have a few little boxes and rails to mess around on. Bunny hop contest and hanging out in the cold. AND A PINATA.
2nd annual
Tom V has a few clips in this chill session...check it. Moment of ZEN Party is over www.decobmx.com

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