Is summer over already? Hell no, can I get a HELL NO. Doesn't mean you have to quit, get up and jump off roofs, cliffs, and travel. These are the good times and they keep getting gooder (new word?). Tabes for babes with Taylor, get your tabes on and the babes will put them on the glass. Vacation, Tremaine in Florida getting some of the good times, check the clips. TA Terry Adams riding the shit out of his backyard and that sample TA frame. Chad riding flat, yes there is a quick link. Profile hitting you with a summer mix with Mike and Chad and crew and ending it out with Wade, badass edit. Coloreds lighters are in stock and you can get one included with each order over $ free grips, details below. Mat Olson beating the heat or heating the meat?  The Woodward overload is going to hit you this next week, till then stay tuned on DECOBMX facebook and Instagram decobmx09 for up to date action at camp. "If you don't believe in yourself why would you believe in anything". Road Fools box set is available on the Deco SHOP and stay tuned for the Baco set...ohhhhh lord. Have a choice weekend and don't let the week end. -Chad D

Profile Summer Mix

Over Spring and into Summer, we got together with Mark Mulville, Chad Degroot, Mike Meister, and Wade Lajlar to put together this montage. Shot laterally across the state of Florida (Tampa-Orlando) during a handful of sessions, these clips capture a Florida before the blazing heat and humidity made day sessions almost impossible. Enjoy. Profile Summer Mix from Profile Racing on Vimeo. ReGram from @tbonds69 doing tabes for babes. Rocking the 4 piece genius bars and @tomvillarreal #lifeislifted frame #decobmx #coloradeco TAYLOR BONDS @pusherbmx TA is crushing it, check out this link making it look so smooth. #taknowsdeco TA frame coming soon. Tremaine Stewart stopped by MRBIKESNBOARDS in Florida this past weekend and we got a few clips just before it rained, actually he rode in the rain, so there is a clip while pouring outside. This one, 3 up to whip off. ?#?tremaineknowsdeco? ?#?decobmx? ?#?coloradeco? ?#?florideco? Tremaine's TEAM PAGE Tremaine Stewart 180 bar up pivot off while in Florideco in front of mrbikesnboards ?#?tremaineknowsdeco? ?#?decobmx? ?#?florideco? ?#?coloradeco? TA killing his backyard spot again . Chad DeGroot pulled this almost 6 years ago but never filmed it. It was still on his you go. #chadknowsdeco #decobmx #profileracing #florideco #flatland ?#?powerbar? Chad D with a front wheel jump to back wheel BBQ rolling on 20's #decobmx #chadknowsdeco #profileracing #powerbar TA Terry Adams pics from the Worlds in Germany as found on instagram. Mid jump and switch on both pics, so rad. TA signature frame coming soon. Freegun and Terry Adams doing a give away you don't want to pass up...and check out that bad ass frame "TA" DECO LIGHTERS BY BIC NOW IN COLORS. ORDER THEM HERE. There is some flatland on the island...Puerto Rico represent Deco...thanks guys. Check out their site and what goes on HERE. Red Bull Ride and Seek teaser with guest Chad DeGroot TWO DAY SALE, GET ON THIS, ORDER UP TILL MIDNIGHT FRIDAY NIGHT. FREE SET OF GRIPS AND A LIGHTER FOR PLACING AN ORDER OVER $10 WITH THE ONLINE SHOP USE CODE LIGHTMYDECO

TGF - Fossil Creek Trip with Josh Eilken

The homie Morgan invited JOSH EILKEN  and J-Dubs on a Fossil Creek adventure. The trip ended up going better than they could have ever imagined! Add a GoPro in to the mix, and there you have it... This was only a portion of our day until the camera ran out of juice. Words can't even describe where the day took us after the camera died! But either way, here's a good piece of one of the better days we had all had in quite some time! Filmed by JE, JW and Morgan Edited by Jeff Wescott
TGF - Fossil Creek Trip from The GULLY FACTORY on Vimeo. Tremaine rode for only a few minutes in front of my camera and clocked numerous clips, he didn't want to walk away, even in the rain...BACK MANNIE TO BARS in the afternoon rain. #tremaineknowsdeco #florideco #coloradeco #decobmx check out his team page here: TREMAINE TEAM PAGE Mat Olson putting in work in that Texas heat. @matuptobat ?#?shows? ?#?reefriders? Moments of ZEN Click this link below to see what Kyle Painter does to  stay so healthy. Painters health  

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