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Coming in on time again for this weeks post. Like writing a book. You ready? Back in the late 90's Schwinn came back and pretty much kicked ass and went for the good times. Bringing back the racing stripe similiar to this reminds me of those good days. The new tee available only in Red out now. In right now are backyard ramps. TBR put work in on the Banes Backyard creation and ever changing, getting better each time. Check the edit chuck full of wild lines and tricks. Speaking of wild, Coplon and his weekends, finding spots, filming, pics, he always pulls through...check his new pics. Tj was caught in front of Mr. B's before the #squashit premier and I got some clips you should see specially the launch over flatlander. Living on the flat land, not Meister. Backpacking through the mountains and getting his chill on edit around Utah including Berringers house (RIP). Dew tour is supporting Flatland and even throwing out a legit purse, only 6 invited and TA received a spot. Speaking of Flatland, #voodoo jam is back and happening on June 1st. Stop by and see the TA sample frame in person (few changes before production). Keep posted to #voodoodeco for updates, pics, and stay tuned to see Tsutomu in action...try to pronounce that name. Look at logos, every company has one or more. Its amazing these fine companies are representing Deco riders. BMX Plus did an incredible write up, review, and test of the FuForks by Chris Arriaga slapping them on and going for it. Mario checked in and by the looks of it he is still throwing down despite the wild winter of Germany. Terry Adams quick clips, check them. Tom Villarreal is on a Madera trip so expect updates and wild spots on his facebook and instagram. Is that enough for you? Its is for me. Take care bubs. -Chad D
These are available NOW. So pick one up at a fine Deco dealer or hit it direct HERE.
Just put this edit together of clips/riders visiting the Bane Ramp Compound over the past couple months.
Its always a good time in Tampa.
Shot over the course of a couple months, this edit features locals, visitors, and the quick progression of a backyard ramp build in Tampa. Thanks to the Banes for their time, effort, and support here in TB. Riding by Chad DeGroot, Mark Mulville, Jared Eberwein, Scott Bane, Niles Harper, Sean Albright, David Gibson, and Matt Coplon. Enjoy Tampa. -TBR crew
TBR: The Bane Ramp Compound. from TBR BMX on Vimeo. These days its tough to know who rides for who. Might have a shoe sponsor and your shoes are all beat up. Might ride for a strip club, well I am sure we would remember that one. But this is for you guys to know the Deco Team has some serious support from all around and you should know who is supporting this crew. Pretty crazy list going on here, its bmx, lets ride this lightning.       Check out BMX PLUS Magazine test and review of FuForks, pretty amazing write up. Coplon hitting one of the best spots in Tampa, ditch session DIY hitch rail dubs tires. #mattknowsdeco AND a slick rail hop. You know Matt is on this every weekend. BMX bubs, all the time. TJ Degroat stopped by MR. B's for the Kink premier #squashit and the wave bench was the pre-game.  Add some flatlander to the mix and you got some stunts worth watching twice. #tjknowsdeco over 35,000 views so far...go viral.
This video represents a small, but important part of a recent trip I was lucky enough to be involved in. Some of the major elements are portrayed within. The Birthday Party, Riding a sweet pool as well as a sweet garage set up. But most importantly, hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones. -Mike Meister Matt Beringer Jeff Brown Brian Miller Tim Thompson Jon Tinsley
CO-UT from The Hateful Dead on Vimeo. TA or Terry Adams just got his invite to Dew tour or Dewd tour in Ocean City, Maryland for the flatland portion of the event. Only 6 people were invited so its pretty elite. Get up and dance and get there to see some bmx at its best. #taknowsdeco #dewdeco and be on the lookout for the TA frame out late summer. Check out his new clip just below the pic and notice that crisp frame. Allride checked in with some new pics of Germany's Mario Kaluski, check em out below and hit up his TEAM PAGE HERE. Sorry about this, I had to yank the pics down due to the source who sent them to me did not authorize the use of the pics. They were amazing and we don't get much footage or pics of Mario. So hopefully we can keep you updated soon. Sorry and thanks. Made two of these, one goes to Mat Olson, but the other is for sale...did it again...real leather, branded top, sewn in logo patch on the rear. Now you know. Mat Olson VINE 6 seconds random then a smooth 3 gap. Gold frame stickers 11" x 2" available now HERE. Genius Bars in Black will be here next week and the raw clear will be following shortly after. To see more specs and why we made these CHECK THIS OUT. And your moments of ZEN    

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