Taylor "filthy mustache" Bonds

Taylor is a Pusher BMX local who recently had the chance to stop by Florida for Deco Day at Orlando Skatepark. He stayed and played around town for a few days and hit up the casselberry scene and one night we all met up at Vans skatepark. Here is a lil interview and some pics. Enjoy. -Chad D Why the filthy mustache and does it have a future or a name? I've always thought mustaches were sweet and I hope mine one day will be awesome its just hard since I have blonde hair. I don't plan on shaving it anytime soon and it doesn't have a name yet, maybe after its a little more legit haha That is what hair dye is for or use a sharpie marker. I don't want to give you all the secrets, maybe  just rock it as blonde and stringy as you can? Those are all good ideas but im just going to rock it blonde and stringy haha I saw you doing bars backwards moves, when did that start and why? I don't know when it started but I do it because its fun and keeps me stoked on riding. Other people seem stoked on it so its progressed from just messing around to challenging myself more with it but its all still fun It reminded me of Luc-e doing all the bars backwards stuff, sweet. Do you think he will want royalty's or just give him some of your green stache? Luc-e is an awesome dude so if he wants royalties, I would give them to him. As far as my green stache goes, i'm not even sure what that is so I cant confirm or deny that aha When you think of Pusher BMX, what comes to mind? Pusher BMX, its hard to even narrow it down but pretty much Pusher is an awesome shop. I've known Clay for years so when he offered me a spot on the team I couldn't say no. Pusher is all about having as much fun as you can on your bike and with your friends Is that all you Colorado dudes like or care about is having fun? Grow up. Yeah, fun sucks sometimes anyway haha We should all start being way more serious about riding and focus on having no fun. Was that your first time to Florida and did it treat you well? What would you have wanted to do and didn't? What would you have not done and didn't? That was my first time to Florida but not my last! Florida was awesome, I met so many people out there that were all super cool and I cant wait to get back out there! I wanted to do a roof drop but that didn't happen and I would have liked to ride more street and traveled around Florida a little more. Oh well, thats what next time is for! Style air at Vans SP, check that baby on his shirt, is that a pacifier in a whisky bottle? Proper x-up with a lot of colors showing, check those forks son, dang spokes to. This was my favorite, bars backwards turndown. Looks like your doing a fufanu son, do it. Tuck no hands airing out those hands on a sticky Florida night. Sticky icky...

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