The lost art of Mosaic

This is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give someone. Click here, wait, find an amazing photo, preferably naked, then CLICK here and run like a naked priest in the woods. This site is pretty easy to use, just follow the directions and enjoy. At first you would think its a porn site, then you realize its the greatest gift on the inter-web... Here are some of my favorites that I have done already. Hope this will give you some ideas. This first one would be amazing, but I guess jesus doesn't have enough skin color for the mosaic, or I am going to hell so he wouldn't let it work, or he is covering up his porn addiction... Have some fun with Jesus jesusbeforejesusafter Brumlow and myself stabbing Lucas again. Sucks getting stabbed. Lucasstabbinglucasstabbingafter People who annoy you Dave? Your face is so red, you embarrassed of a Brumlow sandwich? brumlow and ladies that annoy me!brumlows ladies Here fork it's plus sass hands and a dildo stuck to the window. Mark I hope your finally getting some puss and Greg I hope you have a few pics of dicks on your camera. Dicks are the new tits in Cassellberry. HFKHFK n dicks Matt died again. Every rose has its thorn. Light yourself on fire... IMG_3341 Light this on fire

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