Follow TJ on Facebook, click the tab Follow TJ on Instagram @teejayyyyyy #tjknowsdeco #decobmx #lifeislifted #decoshocka SPONSORS: TJ mr 4 yearMr_005 Session in front of Mr. B's in Longwood Florida. TJ at OSP Florida Skatepark Series. Tuck 360 on the spine and 450 bar on the big hip. Pics  by Matt Coplon Oviedo 1st session sweet whip. Photo by:Jacob Ferrick Photo by:Jacob Ferrick Footplant to flat...yes deco and profile goods are strong

TJ Degroat Short for Skizz Clothing

TJ Degroat Short for Skizz Clothing from bluebmx on Vimeo. TJ has the last clips in this edit from a local skatepark, check it. Mr. B's candyland skatepark part 1 BMX from Mr. B's on Vimeo. USA MADE flag

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