Tom and Chad in Gainesville

Madera needed a poster pic of Tom, so we decided to head up to Gainsville, Florida to sesh the campus, city, and the new local free cement park. Your going to have to wait for the poster to come out, but till then, here are a few pics of Tom trying to kiss an old man. They  were both talking about doing a 90 year old lady...wild conversation for sure. "Hey Tom, what  you been up to?" "Nothing, working at a surf shop on the beach" "Hey Chad, are you going to interview Jason Levy?"  "Ffffffuck yes. He is nuts, I am on that shit for sure. Will get that on Deco asap" Coming soon, Jason Levy interview, Tom V bike check video, Mat Olson bike check, and Chad's Deco Day. Tom in Gainsville 1 Quick nose to nose wheelie...Hip hop on that nose Tom in Gainsville 2 As we rolled up to the gainsville park, it poured. But Florida weather will dry that shit as fast as it comes down. gainesville skatepark gainsville skatepark 2 Don't forget to check out all the new pics HERE

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