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Woke up a lil hung over with all my clothes on, not sure what time warp I hit last night but it seems like I went back in time but woke up and it was the future. Brushed my teeth with sand. Then ate the ass out of a plant. Now I'm rambling trying to take up space for this weeks intro. YAYA, you heard it here first. Then PHX got some mad Deco from MR. filth himself. Taggin and shaggin. Tequila. Tremaine is back on it with a knee brace, that shit isn't gonna slow him down. Meister does wallrides better than anyone, the new BMX PLUS shows that off as well Mat Olson doing a tuck flip at some X-thang. Pick up a copy and put it on your wall like us kids use to do. Japan seems to have mad Deco as well, Tang Meng hits you with his edit flowing flat and park sessions. Hit up everyone on the TEAM PAGE if you don't know now you do do. Trails are getting support for Mat Olson and Deco. Hit that Jam.Whisky. Matt Coplon is a weekend warrior hitting you with some walls and balls. No meat. Lastly Chad attempts the new school  pogo stick.  -Chad D Matt Coplon full meat shot in Riverside laying it flat. Proper table, No meat.    
Clips collected on trips to SoCal and Athens, Georgia with a little bit of Tampa in between. Thanks to these folks for letting me film them: Mike Meister, Jared Eberwein, Baldy, Vince Kroff, Kent Pearson, Matt Arnold, Scott Ehlert, David Gibson, Mike and Sal Saavedra, and Dillon and Shane Leeper. I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoy riding with good friends. -Matt Coplon
Tommy pics of Mr. Filth himself, hit his site below... Our NEW banner for the main page. Mr. Filth gets this months. Tremaine Stewart checked in and said he going off to Cali and on some other trips to film his new edit. Expect big things and constant updates from him here. Check his team page if you haven't already. Here is his whip. Tang Meng on the Japan Grassroots team...check him out. Mike Meister in the new BMX PLUS..pic it up cause of this and Mat Olson has a sweet pic as well... Trail City Jam is coming you like trails? Profile Racing  monster truck, this could stomp some ass. Matt Coplon weekend session with an under the bridge pocket wall ride and a sweet table over the couch. Why isn't there more stains on that son of a bitch? Did a show in front of 500 millionaires at Disney with some pogo stick'as, ya ya...the future.
Every show I do is different and interesting so I hardly ever say no. This one was no exception. The rehersal was in front of someones house and we were introduced to the NEW pogo sticks. When I got my bounce on first thing I though of was a tuck no hander. They are crazy and a lot of people are getting work doing shows,  which like most sports copy bmx moves. Supermans, barspins, can cans, around the worlds, etc. After talking about injuries,  they all had bad crashes and the most interesting part is it was always in front of a crowd. Tooth punctured lip, broken jaw, lost tooth, the list goes on. So this is fairly new and some local bmxers are doing this for a living. When you crash its pretty bad, but most of the time is just pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo (I want to type this one thousand times but you get the point). So anyway, we get onto Disney property and its another world, they do a good job of taking any outside distractions and main focus in their "World". As you can see by the pics we were dressed like shiny clowns and rode flatland in front of 500 millionaires while to distract them from the buffet line. This was the first show. After they were done eating the huge crew moved across property to where they film for the Disney channel. Renting a huge part of Disney and all the food and characters that went into a two hour deal is truly nuts. I am not even sure what to think about this only to have bmx in these shows was only a good thing, its entertaining, flows, and if your on it, flawless and smooth. We did do a few pogos to show them "pogo stickers" we started that shit. The crowd was not only adults but their children as well so to make them either get into bmx or pogo sticking. I couldn't imaging renting Disney just to ride some of the spots we saw. As you can see by the pics, there are spots ready to ride. Taking pics of us as clowns, with Mater, and the millionaires made for yet another wild night of shows on my bike. Where bmx brings me is always a surprise. Chad D

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