Tony Mortenson down

The first I heard of Tony was while we were filming for Baco 10. Freimuth told me about some dude in  Minnesota who could spin anything. He also can puke on command. Both will take you far in our sport. He had pretty much one of best sections in Baco 10. If you have a chance, take another look. We all wish him the best on his speedy recovery. -Chad DeGroot and the Florida crew
Tony crashed real bad at the trails on monday.. fractured his skull in a few places. he had emergency surgery and he's doing really well despite the severity of the injury.. he has no insurance and I'm organizing this jam to help him out with the upcoming bills. I also applied for for the ARF athletes recovery fund on his behalf. it's a shitty situation for him already.. he shouldn't stress about bills... here is the flier so far... Todd Johnson -Declare Peace.
TonyRecovery_2 CLICK HERE to see Tony after his operation and also take a peek at a trailer for Baco and his youtube video...all a must see... If your a little squeemish, don't click on the link above. Its pretty serious. Get better little buddy. On a lighter note, Deco. is now available at Hardcore Sportz. Karl has a sweet shop and an online store...holla at him and ask him about the famous "Nest" hardcore sportz

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