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Orange is the new Black...check out at the bottom to understand this weeks Moment of Zen. Thomas Noyer HUGE congrats on the 5th place smoothness with the Masters of Creativity well deserved and tons of entries reaching this spot was and is pretty impressive but you can see by his riding its unreal the difficulty and smoothness he possesses. Mat Olson may get whooped in a bar fight but his tuck no handers and shows stomp it all. Also check his new edit Wandering Sessions. Alejandro 3x foot links no he rides a lot and it shows. Karl and Chad 10k edit flashback video for the week a new installment so check back weekly to see more or hit and subscribe to the DecoBMX09 youtube channel. Free Stickers with all orders and new items, samples, scratch n dent and more online store so buy now. And Coplon skipping work to be with his beach side babe on the beach...check his whip. Enjoy your weekend and stay classy. -Chad D Congrats to Thomas Noyer for top 5 finish in Masters of Creativity...check the top 5 vids below. 5th to 1st places MASTER OF CREATIVITY 2016! from Martti Kuoppa on Vimeo. @matuptobat MAT OLSON Pretty rad crowd shot from one of our Texas shows. @alexlanderosbmx and I getting a few doubles runs in. Check out #asahighschooltour to see a ton of pics and footage from our fall tour! @asaactionsports@decobmx @pusher_bmx @profile_racing#bmx #shows #travel #decobmx#profileracing #pusherbmx #merkemgoods mat-olson-cover-no-hander

Wandering sessions

Being on the road keeps you searching for something new. Here some of the ASA crew and myself go hunting for new and old spots to ride.

3 Combos X Foot No Scuff

  Flashback video for the week: As seen on @cominlyon_bmx Nouvelle journée, nouveau rider: il vient d'Albi et s'appelle Thomas Noyer ! ? /// New day, new rider: this is Thomas Noyer a French rider. ?: @thomasnoyer #ComInLyon2016 #onerideraday #contest #bmxflat #bmx #flatland #french #rider #Lyon #igerslyon #potd #decobmx img_6107 Free stickers and more with each purchase. Lots of sale and discounted items. New spoke wrenches and 6065 bar ends. Free shipping on Self Titled Street frames. NEW TA seat in stock pivotal all black. WuPegs USA made and materials. 4" and 4.5" Action Bars combo pegs. Bottle opener sunglasses. Search around... #decobmx #bmx deco-cockroach-stickers-deener @matt_coplon November 10th. An afternoon of spot hunting ends at the beach. #choosedeco #Bmx #decobmx @decobmx img_6138 $1099.99 FREE SHIPPING TO USA, OTHER COUNTRIES CONTACT FOR SHIPPING CHARGES. CONTACT CHAD@DECOBMX.COM FOR CUSTOM BUILD AND SHIPPING TO YOUR SPECS. THESE ARE HIGH END COMPLETES WITH HIGH END COMPONENTS. FREE SHIPPING USA ONLY, INTERNATIONAL PLEASE CONTACT FOR SHIPPING RATES INCLUDING CANADA AND INTERNATIONAL... THE GOOD STUFF... 21" SELF TITLED STREET V2 FRAME RAW $1099.99 FREE SHIPPING DECO FUFORKS 28MM OFFSET DECO 9.5"LIFTED BARS 4 PC BARS CINEMA WHEEL LSD FREECOASTER MATTE BLACK PROFILE 48MM PUSH STEM BLACK DECO INTEGRATED HEADSET BLACK PROFILE 19MM COLUMN GDH SPLINE DRIVE CRANKS 175MM BLACK DECO PC PEDALS GOLD WITH METAL PINS CULT HALFLINK CHAIN ANIMAL DUAL COMPOUND TIRES DECO LOGO GRIPS SOFTER BLACK DECO PIVOTAL SEATPOST BLACK 135MM DECO MID 19MM BOTTOM BRACKET BLACK PROFILE SIGNET GUARDED 25T BLACK SPROCKET SPLINE DRIVE DECO LOGO TA PIVOTAL SEAT 20", 20.5" , 21", AND 21.5 VERSIONS OF ALL COLORS ARE AVAILABLE, CONTACT 1ST TO OK THIS SWITCH. THANK YOU. CONTACT: CHAD@DECOBMX.COM FOR MORE PICS OR INFO OR SHIPPING img_6161 img_6156-1 img_6157-1 img_6158-1 img_6159-1img_6160-1 Upcoming events: black-friday-wave-bench img_6082 More info follow @flbxm and

12/3 Boca 1/14 OSP 2/4 Sarasota 3/4 Jupiter April Oviedo/FINALS

Instavids for this week:
Moment of ZEN: screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-10-00-30-pm deco-ghetto-box  

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