Top 5 with James "The virgin" Covington

James works for me at Mesh Skatepark and is a fucking wild character. He is down with BMX and couldn't hold back by showing his infatuation with poo poo porn as seen in the second edit. Couldn't find the embed on this, so suck it and click the link for some brown fun. There is  a sweet edit from the "nothing says pussy like light beer" Enns, and to top it off with a pickle surprise. Happy as hell he didn't pick that pickle jar edit, that thing sucks...thanks James, go use your dick now, Marian where are  you? yo here are my top fives.... 1.chad degroot 2008- i start every day with this video to warm me up for work. i swear i have watched this video over 200 times. the shit going down in this video says suck it to every rider on earth. 2.poo poo platter- fuck man, i almost threw up laughing at this. you cant not laugh. 3. jason enns from the demolition video- nobody puts it down like enns, nobody. when i started riding this was the part i watched before i left the house. jason enns got me pumped to go riding.  gap to round rail feeble is fucked up man, especially seven years ago. where is enns? 4.mega tour 8 trailer- documentation of the best trip i have ever been on.  video features my favorite riders... bryce toole, joey juaristi, greg smee, rickey bates, mark mulville, and chad degroot 5.pickle surprise- amazing because it is one of the wierdest videos i have ever seen. good/wierd to the point that aaron and i printed pickle sirprise shirts. 6.IN CASE YOU DONT WANT TO USE THE SHIT DICK ONE. freddy got fingered trailer- best movie on earth. period!

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