Top 5.2 edits from BK

Since the web edit overload this past year, I am to blame as well, some edits get overlooked. BK sent me over 5.2 of worthy edits that need to take another look. I am going to have to agree with him on most of these, but these are BK's and not mine. Working on my top 5, sit you go Top 5 web videos: Since many “video parts” from DVD’s are online and new web videos are released constantly its hard to pick out a top 5. I chose 5.2 things that were “web exclusive” videos that I was really into. I’m sure I overlooked some but I tried my best. In no particular order….. 1)    Aaron Ross hop whip how-to  courtesy of Etnies: I suck at hop whips on flat. I can do them off a curb or into a wedge but when it comes to flat ground I struggle. I’ve pulled a baker’s dozen or so but they never come easy. Everytime I do happen to land one it’s because I’m thinking of how Aaron does them. Straight muscle. 2)    Liam Fay Hampton: This dude is nuts. I’ve met Liam and he is rad but before I met him I saw this part and would never forget how rad he is. 3)    Martinez and Bohan in Fiji: Two of my favorite riders in a place that I’d love to visit. Courtesy of Redbull: 4)    Brandon Hoerres interview on I couldn’t find a link to this but I remember seeing this interview so long ago and it was nuts. Even though he was from the same area as me I hadn’t seen much of Brandon yet at the time this video was released. It was the first time I really got to see what an amazing rider he is. 5)    Garrett Reynolds “writing on the wall”. This part is insane from start to finish. I was halfway through watching it and had already yelped out loud a few times. This part has no filler and is a perfect example of what Garrett is capable of. 5.1) Brad Simms Micreation edit. I’m ashamed that I almost forgot this. Wow, Brad is nuts and I got the pleasure to see some of this happen in person. I’m lucky. 5.2) Simpel Session 09 finals courtesy of Soulbmx: This is an amazing contest in an amazing place. This video not only captures a good amount of the madness but also gives you a good feel for what Estonia is like. Even though nothing compares to actually going there. Simpel Session 09 - BMX Finals! / filmed and edited by Alex Baret / Soul BMX from Simpel Session on Vimeo.

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