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Ohhh ya boy. Tom V and Josh with the Madera crew getting into the West Coast Mixtape, must watch maybe two or three times. TA or Terry Adams going way down south to ride and rip up Mexico for Red Bull, just for the hell of it. Check that frame HERE. Can you do a 540? barspin? both? Tremaine shows you how smooth he can do dat. Kerry Gatt interview in Encounter out soon. How about new FuForks, softer grips, purple headsets, LIFTED bars, 3 NEW seats, and a shit ton of new stickers included with all orders. Check HERE to see the new stuff. Coplon on the tabes and riding another sweet ass backyard set up. Baco? Get inside the Albion to find out what is up. Deco racing tees are available in new colors NOW. Dew tour it up, make sure to check on and to stay updated. Send us your submissions, your shocka's, your hashtags, your everythings. -Chad D

BMX Street - Madera 2013 West Coast Mixtape

With Tom Villarreal and Josh Eilken Redbull MX - Terry Adams - Mty 2013 Riding amazing spots and throwing down the good stuff. Love how smooth Tremaine's 540 bar is in this quick clip...dang. Encounter magazine out of Japan did an interview with Kerry Gatt, we will have these in a few months...should be real dope. Sit tight... #kerryknowsdeco It was a  game I have always played. Why pretend it’s impossible. Call them Forks, call them necessary on your bike?…Inspired with front brakes in mind, these steep 28mm rake FuForks come with with removable 990 tabs. These bad boys will help your nose wheelies, with our without front brakes. Don’t be an embarrassment to front wheel tricks. Do that front wheel boogie. V2 28mm rake now have dual cable guides for one, two, right, or left running front brake cable to clear the tire and no mess no stress. For  more info, pics, specs, and to see the good shit hit THIS. Coplon pressing his nose pick and tabes at Olivers...getting up on it. Back yard ramps are the best. The Albion featured 10 pages in the new issue...pick one up as soon as they land in the USA to see the rise and fall of Baco. Click on this SHOP tab below to see the good stuff. Get up on top of this, new colors of the DECO RACING tees in ranglan's to. Limited colors, supply, and sizes. DECOBMX09 instagram son get up and FOLLOW this. Get to know our PRODUCTS Read up, spec up, throw down. Get to know our TEAM. Check em out, check back often, each riders page changes weekly...updated son. And your moment of ZEN

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