Tremaine Stewart, Mike Meister by Kesly, Would you?, and Mat Olson pics

Pusher has some serious talent coming out their area. Check out the Tremaine edit and some amazing parks they ride daily. Kelsy Hoog can't say "Mike Meister". A chick who looks like Tony Malouf, "Would you"? Doobie Brothers made Chad do weird things. The last video is pretty amazing. Lastly Mat Olson checking in with some pics. More Lastly, old people dancing. Check it all out below...this is our weekly update with tons to see and laugh at...your welcome.This kid is only 19 and lives in Colorado. Good riders keep coming out of that area. Guess having two million parks does something for your riding...Thanks for the support Tremaine.
My name Is Tremaine Stewart, I am nineteen years from Aurora Colorado. HEre is an edit I produced for Deco Bmx and Pusher Bmx.
Mike Meister as said by Kelsy Hoog. Tony Malouf as a girl? or in drag? Would you? Leave comments below. Chad out cold from ass breath beer. Just a lil nap. I really can't explain this video. Maybe do a lot of trucker drugs and it will make sense. Stoners and hair farmers snoozing. Check out the pony tail. Who has a marker? Give those hairless faces a mustche or something... Mat Olson doing a huge wall ride, pic by: JFM photography Check out old people watching the Doobie Brothers.    

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