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So refreshing to have people all around me who excel at what they do, care, and are at the highest level of being together in what we do. Lots of names to list off but also situations. Just thankful that everyone who helps, supports, and works hard to do what you do making this all possible. Its a chain without any weak links. Moving into 2018 some fresh stuff is popping. Excited to say the least. Mat Olson has two stealth pivotal seats coming out. Jackpot V3 samples will be in our hands next week. Along with the NEW self Titled street frame with many new updates. Then there is everything that ties it all together like the tees and stickers. Real leather belts laser etched logos all USA styles. Plenty to be proud but also way to excited about. Weather is turning but remember to stay in those indoor parks and support bmx. Shop at local shops or buy online from BMX ran shops. MANY many events coming up specially the SPOT roast which I will have a live FB feed on RIDE BMX and Profile...check both to see my dumb face and what dumb comes out of my mouth...have a great weekend and surround yourself with people who you can look at feeling refreshed. Thanks. -Chad D Check out Chad D on Treys World, pretty funny and good. taking a west Texas dip after a full day of welding them oil pipes together. If you look closely you will see the management creeping up to shut down the session. Not after a couple hot laps. ?@levideal #Repost @tickmola (@get_repost) ??? Estilo ou você tem ou nunca vai ter!!! #Repost @hapis83 (@get_repost) ??? Deco brothers... #Repost @hiroshi430(@get_repost) ??? New DECOBMX Jackpot ??????????? ????????? Nice draw made by @shane367399 of our team rider @alejomarques ...nice hat by the way!!! From coast to coast making the most @matuptobat chillin in Huntington Beach California bearing the fruits of his labor, possibly a much deserved barley pop. Live it up bubs. #coast2coast New 5 panel "DAD or CAMP"  hats available at finer retailers or HERE.  Also Pom beanies and regular beanies also out now.   Upcoming events:
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