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You are going to have to just scroll down and enjoy my lack of words this week...enjoy all the deals, steals, meals, and keels... Limited Self Titled Street Frames in TRUE RAW We have 4x of these bad muthas in 21" TT size. When they are gone they be gone. ONLY $299 Deco Self Titled Frame raw 3 Deco Self titled Frame raw 5 Deco Self titled frame raw 4 Deco Self Titled raw frame 1 Deco Self title frame 2 MORE INFO ON THESE FRAMES SHOWN AND THE OTHERS GO HERE.

Chad DeGroot Labor Day Daytona

"Labor Day vacation in Daytona Beach with the family. With all the Free parks to ride it was a must to load up the bike rack with all our bikes and even a new one given to my shop Mr. B's now turned into a beach bike to scare the birds with my son. 14 floors up or if you do the math unlucky 13th floor made for a good top view shot of the beach and just a few flatland spins. Enjoy everything you do and never get old." -Chad DeGroot #flatland #profileZcoaster #DecoBMX @decobmx @profile_racing #bmx #laborday #welovevacation SUBSCRIBE: youtube channel DecoBMX09 Filmed by: @evedegroot Music: The Avalanches -Since I left you TAYLOR BONDS ...after being out with knee surgery...all healed up and @tbonds69 still gots it photo by: @professor_djjjj IMG_0083

TBR: West of East.

Wanderings through Tampa Bay. Summer. High humidity. Its always 95 degrees. Sessions with Niles Harper, Travis Reavis, Brad Severn, Alan Shirley, Steve-O, Billy Woodfin, Charlton Lashley, Mark Mulville, Steve Caro, Thomas Holman, David Gibson, Dan Orroyo, Conor McKeon, and Spencer Foresman. Enjoy some Tampa...

-Matt Coplon TBR: West of East. from TBR BMX on Vimeo. Our friends over at 430 Japan and Decade shops have just launched an international store...go check it out here http://decade.jugemcart.com  Lots of tabs on the left side so scroll through and enjoy. Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 6.41.48 AM   Nice behind the scenes footage at Real City Spin at the pre jam in Chinatown and practise by John Yull. Featuring the likes of Toon, Dez Maarsen, Matthias Dandois, Todd Carter, Tsutomu Kitayama, Jean Francois Boulianne, Joe Cicman, and many more. Nora Cup voting is over. 2015 awards are here next week. Persuasion and bribes were taken from @footprints_in_the_spam for @johnyull. A t-shirt and stickers arrived so I decided to do a decade and end it with some schlepping. Guess this style won me a few Nora cups and world titles (not sure what that means). Schlepping PSA t-shirt still available at Flatland Fuel for $5.00. Disclaimer: Actual Vote John Yull shirt was worn and an actual decade was performed. No shoes were damaged only feelings were hurt from foot scuffing 2015 called Schlepping on the back wheel. All expressed individuals shall hold schlep harmless and non-toxic. Decade variations can be discussed and can be addictive. Decades may cause dizziness, fainting, diarrhea, blindness, spotting, seizures, thoughts of suicide, death, stroke, anal leaking, high fever, confusion, coma, weight gain, low white blood cells, trouble swallowing, impaired motor skills, sores, drying, straining, staining, bone fractures, persistent diarrhea, enhanced suicidal thoughts, bed sores, increased ache, vaginal mash, tears in intestines, severe liver problems, cancer, tuberculosis, increased urge to gamble, unusual dreams, problems speaking, itching, depression, bleeding, and Scott Powell to loose hair. -Chad DeGroot @decobmx @chaddegroot #decobmx #bmx #noracup @ridebmx #flatland Upcoming events: IMG_9877bacojam2015   Your instaVids for this week:
MOMENT of ZEN funny_american_football_1006 www.decobmx.comDECObrandofyear2014 decobridge-2

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