TSUTOMU KITAYAMA now riding for DecoBMX

We have decided to get rid of all TEAM riders and start from scratch with Tsutomu Kitayama from Japan. I am not really good at good byes so I hope you can tell the team they have all been let go. I had to make this decision while drunk over the weekend but I think its in my heart to move on and take no prisoners. I wish the best for all of the team and good things are happening starting in Japan. That is why I have to keep this April Fools short and to the point. But what part of Aprils fools is this? -Chad D TSUTOMU KITAYAMA is the newest TEAM rider for Deco. Check out his TEAM PAGE HERE and check back often for updates on him riding the new Succubus Lite frame. #decoshocka The edits on his page prove he is a badass and to get him on the new Succubus lite is so dope. You will be seeing a lot of him and look out for VooDoo Jam. Deco represent...-Chad D DECO BMX Team Rider Tsutomu Kitayama Japan from DecoBMX on Vimeo. Let me know some your information? I'm Tsutomu Kitayama, my sponsors are, DECOBMX ,G-SHOCK ,DC shoes , 430. I’m 28 years old, born in 1984 in Tokyo, Japan. I’ve been riding for 10 years. How did you join DECO BMX? DECO has tough spirit and stick to his gun, that gravitates me a lot. And I also want to bring something new in flatland scene. How do you like DECO BMX? It’s Rock’n roll, hard core. Besides of quality of a bike, the most important thing is motivation. DECO has cool style and motivates me a lot. I see something important in DECO, more than that skills can tell. How do you see BMX scene in Tokyo It’s definitely improved since 10 years ago. There are bunch of riders with style and they push them further. We enjoy riding. Japan is one of the biggest BMX countries now.   Last word? I love BMX! Follow me on Instagram & Facebook Instagram tsutomukitayama Facebook kitayama.tsutomu@facebook.jp

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