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Who do you trust, see that guy, see that person, what the hell are they doing? Why do people knowingly look as shady as possible? Or better yet, do you look shady? Lock your doors, lock your wives, lock up everything, get a lock. After hearing about bikes getting stolen, houses broken into, and CC scams makes me want to get a gun. YA right. When I told a neighbor that my house damaged, he said "you ever thought of getting a gun?". I told him a bare knuckle fight would be more my style and see who is crazier. What does come free is #freshliketom give away and this is the last day, get stuff the right way and with no cost just following instructions for this instagram give away. START-Tom has access to some of the sweet spots, check the 1st pic below. Tsutomu hits you with his G shock edit which is good feeling and rad, hope he wins NORA cup this year for flatlander of the year. TA Terry Adams on a college tour, put them on the glass. Japan wants real leather seats so Japan gets what they want. Coplon showing his beaver again, legs spread. Hiroshi is up all night, actually he really is, check the edit and he is getting lucky. TA pics from Voodoo and a flyer that is over already but  you get the point this kid is on campus riding flat for you, coming to a town near you soon and keep in mind only a few more days will his frame is here. Chad and the Nora cup, drink up and spill down. Crooked World with Tom edit. Mr. Filth getting down on instagram video. Josh Eilken heat treated cranks ad, going backwards. Taylor euro tabes in yet another spot most people dream about and never ride. Hiroshi in the magazine looking fine. Tube deal, buy one get one, how can you turn this down? Guru pre game edit. Packers. END-Lock it rock it and sprocket it. -Chad D Tom Villarreal doing a Ruben style wall ride pic by @wesmcgrath #lifeislifted #decobmx #freshliketom @tomvillarreal @maderabmx Tom ruben wall ride by wesmcgrath This is amazing...no joke here CASIO G-SHOCK BMX RIDER "TSUTOMU KITAYAMA" These are the new round of REAL leather seats made in the USA by Native and James Covington, but say good bye cause these will only be available in Japan. Check them here, drool now... Real leather seats for japan Matt Coplon cooking and spreading the Battle Bowl in Riverside by Aaron Nardi, 2 angles...dang that piece is pretty choice. Coplon Battle Blow in Riverside by Aaron Nardi Coplon Battle Blow in Riverside by Aaron Nardi angle 2
Professional BMX Flatland rider Terry Adams took a visit to Manhattan College to give a demo for the students terryadamsbmx.com turtledovecinema.com camera / lenses : 60d 24 - 70 f2.8 L 70 - 200 f4 L GoPro Hero 3 Black
Terry Adams at Manhattan College from Sam Wood on Vimeo. Hiroshi and crew in Japan up all night to get some were up all night to get lucky. Nollie drop by @tomvillarreal  pic by @wesmcgrath @maderabmx #decobmx #lifeislifted #tomknowsdeco #freshliketom Tom nollie drop by @wesmcgrath Matt Coplon in Ricky Moseleys backyard pool, pocket style. Matt Coplon In Ricky moseleys back yard TA wanted to let you know he has a demo at Montclair State University on the 25th, so if your in the area get out there and holla at him. TA demo Sept 25th Here is another pic from this years Voodoo Jam featuring TA. bmx-flatland-rider-terry-adams-at-the-voodoo-jam-in-new-orleans Got what it takes to “Keep It Fresh” like @TomVillarreal ? Instagram 1. Follow @decobmx09 @maderabmx @crooksncastles @BR4SSintl and BMX Videos by The Come Up. 2.Upload an original BMX or action packed / artistic depiction of your lifestyle interests 3. Tag all the brands in the picture and include #FRESHLIKETOM Winner’s will be announced 9/27 – Get Fresh! Fresh like tom Lot going on here @mrbikesnboards #bongwood jam @chaddegroot Nora cup beer session with red bull dave, tons of sausages, few hallways, and Chad D flat photo shoot inside surrounded by drinks n drunks. #makeshithappen #decobmx #chadknowsdeco #florideco #freshliketom It doesn't stop won't stop @mrbikesnboards #bongwood jam with @chaddegroot looking embarrassed about a dude made up entirely of red bull drinking out of his Nora cup with no tarp. #decobmx #packers #florideco #chadknowsdeco BongwoodBongwood 2

Calling The Shots with Tom Villarreal: Crooked World BMX

"Tom Villarreal keeps it loose in LA with this fast-paced Calling The Shots along with partner in crime Scotty Cyphers. Mix BMX, skateboarding and some Cheetos at the Belvedere skatepark for a pretty spot-on look at how this crew lives on the daily with moral support from @joeyhighroller. Filmed by Miles Rogoish." - Crooked World BMX Johnny Filth AKA Mr. Filth getting down... Regram from @tbonds69 getting his euro on pic by @jimmy_jams69 awesome #decobmx #freshliketom #taylorknowsdeco @pusherbmx #coloradeco T BONDS EURO I always knew Hiroshi was a model but this is the one. Check out the Style and the Genius bars looking dope as ever...get on this Deco. Hiroshi magazine shot DEAL OF THE WEEK buy one tube get one free. Click HERE to go to the STORE. Click product code BYGO at check out to apply. bmx_tube On 10/26 GuruJam will be the final event on the 2013 Am Flatland Circuit. Hosted at The TerraDome in Columbus, Ohio - riders from around North America and the rest of the world will converge to experience this incredible riding space. This interview reveals the back-story of how the space and the event came about. GuruJam Behind-the-Scenes Interview from QuestBMX on Vimeo. The start (my dad), the middle (me), and the future (cooper) all at Lambeau Field. Riding pics coming soon. -Chad D Chad n cooper n dad lambeau field GB Regram from @maderabmx new heat treated cranks ad with Josh Eilken @jbinobmx rocking the LIFTED frame and more by @tomvillarreal #freshliketom #decobmx #joshknowsdeco #bmx #gobackwardstogoforwards Josh Eilken ad Moments of Zen 1236142_434023200047990_124837534_n www.decobmx.com  

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