Tuck, Team, Girl, Darkside, 2nd place

INSERT WORDS HERE: Ready go. -Chad D The hunt never ends. Mostly to no avail, yet sometimes you strike gold. Solo session meandering the cut last week. #hiddentampa @Matt_coplon Check out the updated TEAM PAGE with newbie Alejandro Marques. mannienogueira Here is a dope sequence of my newest pivot/turbine trick captured last weekend in York, PA! ? Can't wait to get these dialed in! "He recently hurt his shoulder and is out but not down...holla at his handle and wish him the best." -Chad D Upcoming events:
InstaVids for this week:

Pull it @hiroshi430 #darkside #toyosujam

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Some randos on @tbonds69 phone. Let it play #decobmx #bmx

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Moment of ZEN:

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