Tweet and pedals

We have the legit DecoBMX only twitter now. You can still hit me up on the other one, or hit us up on both...twitterz Click on the icon above to follow us...were making moves motherfucker... Also, the plastic pedals are here. If you have questions how strong these are, check the pic below, Mat Olson testing out the Silver boys with a flip to flat. Colors are Clear, Clear Black, and the best shit ever...Vacuum Plated Silver. 13.6 oz.
We have chosen to learn from the past and roll the clock back the the beginning. Filled with chromoly axle goodness and loaded with the plastic freshness expected from a quality 10 pin plastic pedal. Move over black and clear,  even a person who notices nothing will notice chrome and ask “Are those metal”? You can laugh and say “Nope, their plastic”, then twist your mustache and roll into the sunset.
Mat enjoying Florida to its fullest, Natty Ice, ketchup, dollar hot dogs, swiss rolls, and a ton of casselberry dirt.

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