Twilight, Midwest Minors, Mat is a Bat, Tom no hander, Tremaine, Shred Deco, New Banners, Two clips, Princess Seka, I caught the guy who stole my bike, and spiked hair

Twilight Jam in Athens is coming up, so plan accordingly, its gonna be sweet and Deco will be in the house. Mike Hinkens is doing a Minors only contest in Milwaukee, Deco is going to help out with prizes. Mat is a Bat now. Tom spreads his wings in downtown LA. Tremaine checks in. Shred Deco is now available if your into that. Two clips of the week from MR. Filth and Mat Olson. Princess Seka wants you. "I caught the guy who stole my bike" story by Chad DeGroot. Lastly Spiked hair for president.

This year will consist of amateur and pro classes for ramp and flatland. This event closes off the downtown streets of Athens for many different bicycle events including our BMX Contest.
With over 30,000 people in attendance each year this becomes a really fun contest.
Not only is the contest fun but Athens is a college town packed with cool shops, restaurants and bars.
Yes there will be an after party on Saturday night so don't leave till Sunday!
Come down and check out this event. We also have a good flat spot down the street if your wanting to session during the ramp comp. there's a sick concrete skatepark in town and UGA campus is only two blocks away if your wanting to check out some good street.
Hope to see you there and thanks for all the support!
-Jon Dowker

Mike Hinkens is hosting a Minors contest. Love this idea since we need to focus on them coming up. Hit it if yar in the midwest.

Mat is now officially a BAT.

Tom is officially no handed in LA.

Tremaine is back on it, working on his new edit and is going on a Pusher BMX trip real soon. He sent over this pic of his ride and rocking a 1st round Deco. tee...holla

Get your shred on. If you see an interesting DECO product, hit us up and we will post.

CLICK HERE to check out and buy Deco. Banners.

Click below to see two tricks for this week.

Mr. Filth rocket ice grind clip

Mat Olson no handed 360 to turndown on the dirt pipe clip

Our Metal badge that is brazed on is so good we had to show it off to your face.

Princess Seka says "HAY", thought that is what gay horses eat?

Random ramblings care of Chad DeGroot:

So I heard that if you ever taste vomit, you shouldn’t swallow.  Just go ahead and throw up. It makes for a better party.  Kind of like fake boobies.  Put it all out there and see what you get in return.  Maybe a prize of some kind.  Like a golden penis or something.  You never know.  I mean, the things that happen sometimes can surprise you and take you by surprise at the same time.  Like night and day.  Sometimes, you think, “hey, it’s like night and day”.  But you really mean, it’s pretty suprising man.


We lived on the third floor near downtown Chicago, bit of a shady area with parking on the streets. Good luck finding a spot most of the time near our apartment. My roommate Troy had a view of my car from the apartment eating his dinner that night, I got lucky sometimes. He heard glass smash and noticed a guy “ that doesn’t look like Chad” smashing my the hatchback window of my 86 vw rabbit. He hauled ass to my room and was beating on the door to get me to come out. He was all freaking out about my bike just getting stolen from my car and said some dude broke the window. I thought it was some kind of joke, finally I went to the window and sure enough it was broken. We hauled ass down three flights of stairs thinking how are we going to find a dude who just stole my dialed new prototype Schwinn. We ran down the alley and asked some kids if they saw anyone with a green bike come by. They could barely speak English. We glanced down the street to see about a block down a guy running with a bike. Slim chance at this point but might as well see what he is running with a bike for. We get close and it’s mine. I knock him over and Troy starts Rodney Kinging him and spitting’ on him. I kicked him once but amazed that we caught him. That is a bikers dream come true. Troy grabbed my bike and I put him in an arm bar behind his back. We both took turn whispering to him that we were going to kick his ass and throw him in the dumpster in the alley we were now in. I think we even told him he fucked with the wrong people, its game over. When we got him back to my car I couldn’t believe he broke my big back window. With him still in the arm lock, I threw him in the opening that was once a window. Pulled him out and threw him in a puddle next to my car. He was on his knees by now begging for anything but the cops. We asked him if he could take a good ass whipping. He said anything just don’t call the cops, that he’d give us his aunts social security check to pay for the damage. We had another roommate on the 3rd floor balcony looking on, so we called up to her to call the cops. He begged as Troy spit on him more. I asked him if he could take what we were going to give him. He said anything just no cops. So I kicked him four times on his left shoulder. I didn’t want any blood if the cops were coming. Just wanted it to be an “I caught him here you go” type thing. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Just then I saw blood all over both my arms. Checked for cuts but realized that it was from me throwing him in and out of a broken window. I freaked out and washed them as best as I could in the puddle he was kneeling in. The cops showed up shortly after. As the first cop got out he said “hope you guys kicked his ass cause theirs probably nothing we can do”.  They asked our side of the story and cuffed him. Before he got in the cop car he told the cops that I had his wallet. I took it earlier to at least get some money or his ID to have some kind of satisfaction. I gave it back. Where his ID would have been was a porn pic of a chick on all fours completely naked, must have been his favorite, and expired bus pass. They got his wallet back and took him away. Must have been a month later I got a letter to appear in court to identify him. He looked like a tough ass basterd. The trial was stalled till later the next month. They tried to get in touch with me but I was in Florida. They eventually suppeanoed Troy to court. He told his story about what he saw. Him being an eye witness to what the court labeled breaking and entering charge. The guy, now known as Alverto Torres told his side of the story. The reason he took the bike was to sell on the next block for $20 cause he had a crack habit. The reason he was running with my bike was that while he was younger he got into a bad bike accident and had a phobia of riding bikes. He also mentioned that he has a metal plate in his head since his bike accident as a kid.

Matt Wilhelm has some funny motherfucking hair...go to JoMo Pro even if you don't like that spike dew. Deco is helping out as much as we can but were not a title sponsor...Holla, making moves.

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