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Here is a short list of some tweets coming from this GUY Why don't you go ahead and follow? These are just a few. Some get better and some get bad. But at least I am not putting any Aaron Ross tweets like "I am gonna bake a cake." Fuck, I just put one. Sorry. Sounded like a duck execution Say a racial slurr to enter I am gonna be black for saturday Unsolicited naked cockness My name is Lola. That means stick it in my ass. I met my dad at the bathroom...he just finished. Kinda awkward "I am a grandmother, I can smoke pot now" See nearby tweets, this one is priceless Just peed in the toilet n brushed my teeth at the same time...finally got a electric toothbrush Just became friends with miracle whip on facebook. Don't tell that white sass that it's just sass I am gonna put my iPhone in one of those goodwill dumpsters "I want an area rug made of the pubic hairs of virgins" Ying ling, good Chinese beer "I was on acid hunting those wooden deer" "I wanna Jack u off with my mouth" There are clowns in my coffee Letters form words , education tonight Tell me what this says ?????????????????????????(????)???????? "my phone is not in my eye" Guess I pissed off the king with a tweet. Guess who the king is and win a boner... Soap noose Must be nice to be able to fit yer hand to the bottom of a pringles can Some people have some fucked up jobs. I drink beer at work n give myself wedgies Gonna go fuck the wife now I just saw sears on facebook. Fuck I ya I have a boner n gonna be friends with sears... I had meth dreams last night, n snorting snowballs, you would mix them together, cause it's wet What if there was a commercial that you'll go blind if u use the other persons contacts? We were doing it n my head started bleeding "If my ass could do what a punch ball does..." wife quote #2 "Why not 2 in the pink n 2 in the stink... Like star trek"

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