Ugly chicks + motion sickness from that ass

Contributors keep sending me ugly girl pics and they never get old. Then I got this razor scooter video from Adam Baker. Some kids does a 540 barspin. That doesn't make any of these chicks any prettier nor should it make you stop from kicking some razor scooter ass anytime you see them. Even if the kid is little and young, even girls. Kick their ass. They have to learn, punch a chick, kick a kid. Suck it. Ohh ya, bring them to Mesh Skatepark, we let  you ride both sides anyday of the week, specially wednesdays when were closed. Enjoy these pics, sorry  I had to use the first two again, they are from previous posts. They are too good. skin to winthis is my favoritedoll facehair ballyou wouldlittle to the sidesock facewowchocolate love'n spoonfulbad girlthats ityes thats rightmustache I think with all these ugly chicks, this video is pretty fitting. This is a side note, Mesh Skatepark does allow these fags in anytime. Reason, they all get beat up and that is funny everytime we see it. One time some kids borrowed the kids scooter and broke it in front of him. I love skatepark kids. Cept when they fill squirt guns up with piss and hose each other down. This is a late entry, but motion sickness from Pebbelz is necessary.

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