Under 16 years old Helmet law for bikers

When the Longwood Mayor called me yesterday concerned about Candyland skatepark, he did mention a few topics maybe you should know about and everyone can help. 1st someone was caught smoking dope at the park. Dope is a funny word but you get the point, until it is legal in our state do it elsewhere and don't wreck what we have as a free skatepark cause you want to get high with an audience. 2nd the smoking is out of hand at the skatepark, chill out...there are kids there and if that is your COOL FACTOR maybe re-think it or show up when the park is not crowded. Connect the dots. 3rd is the Under 16 years old helmet LAW for bikers. They are giving warnings right now but will be giving tickets and even driving you home to give you a ticket and get you off the streets or the skatepark. Mr. B's sells helmets so before you complain about the huge ticket you received stop by and get a brain bucket. We told you so. Share this and spread the warning. Thanks. -Chad D

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