This week is actually last two weeks post since Dewd tour tied me up and this birthday of good old Merica, but that doesn't mean it will be watered down and actually loaded to the gills and spilling over with on some of that OHH SHIT. Start- Happy Bday USA. Then onto Effraim with some quick links, so pumping and stalling just straight up business. Chad D new Profile ad over toof on the clam. USA swirl grips that are soft as kittens and chewy as marshmallows. Mr. Filth hits you hard with some rocket  style in his new edit, this one is amazing. Closson doing wild wall rides and even up rail to wall ride. TA plastic man in LA. New powder coat frame wrapped all nuts n shit. Texas Toast, Voodoo, Baco premier now you know where were doing this disco. Rad Dad Chad in Mr. B's. Coplon on that weekend tip not using the weak end x up style abbacy. National night out, support your local park and good things happen. Xgames soda. Baco a go go on ESPN. That guy on survivor, that sounds like his name... END-Chad D   It has been a while since my last edit, two years to be exact. I teamed up with local film maker Ollie Denny to work on this project that came about as a result of me losing my indoor riding spot in two weeks time.
I wanted to document my riding as this point in time, to remember the spot and also help push my personal progression. I was inspired by a podcast that asked a question, “How do you know when a music track is finished?” I immediately started thinking about flatland, and your combos. When are they over? Is there a right time to pull out? After much gnashing of teeth, and riding time in between injuries, I’ve come full circle from doing long combos in the contests to short combos outside of the contest environment. Hope you all enjoy! -Effraim Catlow
Chad D new Profile Racing ad in BMX Plus. Over tooth and back on the clam. AND CLICK HERE to see what happened to Chad at Xgames when soda was spilled on his rims. This is really good... profile_degroot_plus HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA and to celebrate we offer the USA 3 color swirl grips. Beautifully made for  your hands, to grab or not grab them? That is the question. If someone told  you these grips were deeply textured, soft and consoling. Would you have any  more questions? What question is that really? Nobody will make you feel better about going out and meeting the world with your new companions.  Others might say “one of life’s true gifts”. Either way you owe it to yourself and whoever steals your bike, true relaxation of the hands.   “New Deco. grips feel soft like kittens and marshmallows” buy now tab USA MADE flag   logo-grips-usa-colors-swirl-467x300   Mr. Filth keeps it real with some new candy bars up rails, at the parks, and more that you have to see to believe. Also his rocket style is truly amazing hitting more than a few rails and even a backwards rocket barspin down the stairs. Keep it Filthy and rock it the way you ride. Johnny Filth AKA Mr. Filth July edit for DecoBMX from DecoBMX on Vimeo. Matt Closson riding one of the best walls I have seen..damn. Modified launch ramp style to...get n it done son. Matt Closson wallride TA Plastic man in Los Angeles. Photo shot by @jeffzphoto TA plastic man in LA by Jeff Z Just showing you a sample of what we can do, powder coat son...this is F'n awesome. More info coming soon... and more pics... Chads 20 wrap Matt Closson doing one bad ass up rail to wall ride. DAMN good. Matt Closson uprail to wallride Make sure and get to this, always a good time in Austin and most of the Deco crew will be there and don't forget to Vote for Baco Documentary for Nora cup. Premiers are being worked out with 1st one in New Orleans August 1st, Florida, NYC, LA, Wisconsin, Chicago...and more will be posted up soon. Texas Toast 2014Voodoojam 2014Voodoo Promo 2014 Inside Chad D's Mr. B's shop in Longwood Florida sometimes you got to put on some kind tunes, crank down the ac, and let Mulligan snap a few pics riding flat. Backwards nose wheelie cross footed. Rad Dad feature here on the RIDE site Chad Rad Dad in Ride This is rad, abubaca no brakes with the help of some pallets and an Xup to make it classy. Matt Coplon putting in work on that wood. And Rainbow rail near Bethlehem Steel. Coplon x up abubaca pallettsRainbow rail near Bethlehem Steel If your in the Orlando Florida area on August 5th we are working with the City of Longwood at Candyland park setting up a booth and giving away a lot of stuff along with Chad D's Mr. B's shop, stop out and get free stuff, get a session, and support local where Deco headquarters is located. National Night Out 2014 Dew Tour Live with that guy from Survivor or The Beard Matt Bischoff getting some shameless DecoBMX plugs but giving the facts on the park contest, what an amazing day with the level of riding at its best. #dewtour The classic snapback hats still available and only a few left in all over Camo. Chad D ew tour with Beard 3 Moment of ZEN Scorpions www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-USA MADE flag

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