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1st day of school tradition going to the beach. Kinda parents holiday. Started this last year and why not keep the tradition going. Had time to read, check my phone, and shop on cruise control so why not. Reflecting on this last two weeks and summer and it was one hell of a good one. So good. Hope you would agree with me or if you don't just keep it to yourself. AH HAHA. Missed a lot of school due to riding and traveling but did finish it with a bit o college. I am not in school but never not learning. Reading more than ever and applying to my daily. Never stop learning and never give up. Scroll down and enjoy. Pretty pumped on this post, packed and stacked with freshness on that Deco tip. Get on for the ride and see where it takes you. Have a good one all you bubs. -Chad D "Absolutely loving the updated geometry and look - especially the hourglass shape head tube, proper built-in chain tensioners, and taller stand over height. I say this with confidence, this is my favorite build ever." Video is still underway. Almost done. Just a couple more clips to wrap her up. Holla. Thanks!
- Karl
Check out the new frames coming in late September...hell yes these are nice.
Check out Chad in Cheese town, click link below.
Sietse- Print in push it a stop zine! Shot by Aaron Zwaal in Senegal
matuptobat One of my favorite photos from #session8 at @Woodward copper?this was taken by none other than @chipproulx ???? I am grateful to have had the pleasure of working with Chip and @iantmacy for the last few years. This year they helped me out big time by dropping everything and rushing me to the hospital about 20 minutes away. Everything from keeping track of all my crap, to swerving through traffic cones to get me into the ER haha! Thanks again from the great staff at #Woodward
markmulville Beach bumming toboggan. Shot by, @joshmcelweephoto during his last extended stay in Florida’s Space Coast!
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