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This week is about videos. Stocked and locked and scroll down. So many, so good, so watch. Remember to his us with #decobmx on your goods so we can see what everyone is up to. Also keep a close eye on the upcoming events taking place. Make some plans cause we don't want to hear about how you could not make it or didn't know about it. Enjoy your weekend bubs. Thanks. -Chad D “Landscapes 2” is a new full length video showcasing some of the best flatlanders from around the world. Featuring Bert Ribul,Brandon Fenton,Chad DeGroot,Hidenori Ishizaki,Koichi Forkone Higo,Paul Chamberlain,Raphael Chiquet,Shinichi Kiba,Takuji Izumi and Simon O'Brien. Mat Olson and the TREE FROG. DAMN. Get your TA seat, molded pin pedals, and either Action bars pegs or WuPegs...the good shit. Upcoming events:
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Straight up cruising with @tbonds69 @jimmyjams13 stomping picnic tables n shit ? #decobmx #bmx

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Moment of ZEN:

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