Bic lighters, Coplon isn't old, Tremaine, Zen, and where is Mat Olson?

"It's not about the money, it's a way of life"  That is how were gonna start this post.  Deco. lighters by Bic are out now...hit us or your local Deco. retailer for some fire fun. Then another Tom edit, two in one week son, watch them both a few times, lifted if  you can. Reuben Krussick checked in rocking a Deco. tee and bars. Matt Coplon 35 years young edit is soo good. Tremaine checks in with a tech move, good pic to. He is working on a new edit so we expect to see that real soon being all street. AAAAANNNND your moments of Zen. If you have a Deco. related pic send it over, if you get one of our lighters and want to show off your flame, send it over. Keep it real and keep checking our Tumblr and Twitter. Where ya at Mat Olson? did you make it to Canada? -Chad D
            Reuben Krussick “Matt Coplon is one of those rare guys who not only can manage to juggle a million things everyday like being a huge part of both Profile Racing and Madera brands, keeping the scene in Tampa Bay together, being a husband and killing it in a band, but even at 35 years old, he’s still out there progressing on his bike. Don’t get me wrong, 35 is the new 23, but still! It takes a lot of energy to do the things Matt manages to get done every single day. Any time I get the chance to check out some fresh footage of Matt, I get excited because I already know it’s going to be good. I’m really stoked to drop this new edit because it’s definitely some of the best clips I’ve seen out of him to date. Enjoy!” Tremaine Stewart in the middle of an all street edit checked in with this pic.  180 to smith full cab bar Moments of Zen

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