Watch this, and this, laugh at this, go here, fun, and the olimpics

I just caughed and spit a huge luge on my computer monitor, not the first time but fluids have a mind of their own. Kind of like slapping someone with a handful. Long story, but funny regardless. Shit, everything has been funny this week. So lets get started...Josh is hurt right meow but he built up clips to get it done for Madera. This woman is acting a fool. Coplon root beer interview. Ragu captures the hearts of many. Can't find it, we can and will show you how. Prequel in Coloradeco is coming up. Woodward session with Coplon snaking his snake in the snake run. Moments of Zen are all Olimpic pics I took from my TV, can't stop laughing at some of these. Good golly. And lastly Stups might not be a nickname you want but its a local dude who goes by it and takes a slap for Mr. B's. -Chad D
This edit features Josh Eilken shredding hard to celebrate the release of the newest Madera Cranks. Protocol HT Cranks Made in USA Quality Available in Black Filmed and edited by Tony Malouf Photography by Terry Hamilton Madera - Josh Eilken & The New HT Cranks from Madera BMX on Vimeo. Act a fool. Speaking of Madera and Profile, check this good read out featuring Matt Coplon on root beer.
I want to start supporting RAGU just for this commercial alone. Can't find it, check our Dealer locator or HERE Coloradeco still kicking ass, this time get your shit to this...bangin for sure. Coplon and crew having a blast at Woodward east on the snake run. Get the runs man, with snakes. Moments of ZEN The Olympics have got me lured in. So good and so many questions. Does a huge nose make you swim faster? YES. If your last  name is GAY. Its GAY. Use your tongue extended to win a race, I saw it. Cram your muscles around your head. And the best one, Kyle Painters pimply back, not pimp but pimples on top of pimples ready to explode on you or some lucky girl on Plenty of Fish. Watch this. Your last laugh of this post. Tell me this isn't good?

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