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"I use to race" "I had one of those" "I remember when" "what ever happened to" "I can do a ..." "If I could go back in time" "I have a ..." "Back in the day" "I know (insert name)" "I use to be able to do a ..."  these are some lines I hear on a daily basis and don't have it in me to finish what they say, today was a good day, no one had nothing like this to say. START-To brang about this site being 100x faster thanks to Dustin Grice is something I have to do. Its been sluggish like an overloaded dumpster whore spilling over with no room and no energy. Check it out, navigate it, spank it, run a train on it...it it. Water hos. Throwback cover. Mexico Mat. and more in this weeks dose plus: Check out our SHOP with scratch and sale items plus closeout items Headset $15, slim seat $12, cables $3, pivotal seatpost $10, FuForks $90, Succubus frames $150, Lifted barely scratched frame $200, tees $10, sample seats $15, and don't forget orders are coming with FREE grips and a lighter and stickers. HIT IT UP HERE and search around for the deals and steals. Don't forget the PC pegs, TA frames, Succubus Lite frames, Colored fork caps...and more will be here within a month. Interbike or In-Her-Bike is coming up this month but I am guessing its a shock that Texas Toast is going to have more in attendance with Nora cup being in Austin. Vote Tsutomu Kitayma for Flatlander of the year. Las Vegas is rad and if you can make it out to support BMX do so. Other events coming up are Jam Chowder in the northeast in which 20 shops are joining up to make it as rad as possible. End of October is the finals of Amflat series. So be sure to make it to one or all and I will be at all of these showing you the fine ass Deco shit, stop by and lets make some laughs. See yinz there. Have a good weekend and make memories. END-Chad D
Throwback  cover shot of FREEDOM magazine in Germany. Was on a Standard trip and while at a skatepark I blew up my back tire so I had to borrow Dave Freimuth's bike, all virgin white. Chico clothing style, baggy as hell shorts, stupid face hair...but doing the pedal boogie for a cover. Terry Adams Vs. Matt Wilhelm BMX Flatland Battle of the Brains, Alli Sports BMX HEAD2HEAD (this is really funny...dang) It's pretty damn hot outside take some water from the hos and chill it out @terryadamsbmx #decobmx #taknowsdeco Justin Butts always has the best shit of Tom V, check the link HERE and get involved TA killing it again on the Backwheel. Follow him on Instagram @terryadamsbmx to see more wildness and more unexpected music to ride to. Coplon ass shot and a picket fence hop...do wop...hop hop Matt AKA "Meat" with a down low rail hop and tuck style to boot. Hiroshi party style Succubus Lite is available in Japan and early October in the USA, very small batch so hit me up if you want one locked in...and check HERE for more info. Stay lite. 1.9 kg or 4.1 lbs. HERE IS  A SPOILER ALERT with the new color pc pedals with removable METAL pins. More meat and if you grind take out one whole side and let it slide.  What interbike? Check it here. Chad D getting the flatland fill. This photo of Mat Olson is a little blurry but sooooooo good with the flip whip shocka style...chill style. Mat checked in and had this to say and added a few pics of what he is up to and will be up to:
Cali vaca was a blast we got loose every night. Venice is nuts, I love that place. Swamp thing came from the depths and hung out with us on the beach for a bit. We went to the walk of fame, took a dump on the Olsen twins... It was great The skatepark is looking so so good! I am super bummed about missing Texas Toast, but being able to honor a young man and a fallen soldier with a facility like this, I think I'll be just fine. I am heading down to AZ with a couple friends for the grand opening ceremony. We are all taking out motorcycles and heading out. It's going to be nuts! Cuernavaca is hosting a rad mini mega/ warriors of wood style event this weekend, and for some awesome reason I got an invite. (Thanks AJ). 30 of the best riders south of the border, I'm in! Haha it's going to be a blast. Always a good time, the Texas state fair is coming up. It's so good! I'm trying  every fried food they have this year, guacamole balls and everything. It's cool to be a part of something that the sprocket jockies started so many years ago. -Mat Olson
Mat Olson sent over this quick video and mentioned the main line at the trails is going so good...check it. Taylor Bonds does really nice turndowns, turndown taylor... #coloradeco Moments of ZEN (I absolutely hate this)

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