Whisky, weed, wine, wino, weed, winky, worried...DECO.

My head hurts. My eyes hurt. Oh. Shit. BMX has some of the wildest wackiest shit going on right now. This post is a huge overload of BMX, sorry about that. Need to get back to our roots, raw dawg. I'm a rambling man. Lil stressed out cause I have to get up and Roast Rob Nolli tonight. Wish me luck. Now I am a straight up comedian. Better than that fool Chris Duncan. Sucks I just mentioned him. Woops...Shit that was funny. Just wish someone taped it...or maybe not. COB Kerry Gatt and me will be in Japan representing. Click the links and get familiar with what we do.  Mat and his other ride, moto bike style with bmx strapped, check the pics and write up. Bigger story coming soon and it will be good if Clay has anything to do with it. Push Her. Mr. Filth not real happy with this old footy, but that smith drop is awesome, sorry for posting. Plus size? just watch and skip the mountain bmx dudes...hit up AJ and Mat. Chad's Father's Day pics. Roast everyone...and  your moments of Zen. I lost 10lbs. of meat in my body. Do the math.  -Chad D http://www.redbullcircleofbalance.com/sp/chad_degroot.html http://www.redbullcircleofbalance.com/sp/kerry_gatt.html http://www.redbullcircleofbalance.com/sp/en/      
So I am sitting here at Clay's house enjoying an adult beverage as the Colorado sun sets. I just scored a sweet leather jacked from a dude named J Bone. Things can't get much better. After a long ass ride through  Arizona and into Colorado, the sun started to set as we passed through Wolf Creek Pass on our way to Denver. The temp dropped down to about 55, which at 70mph is cold as hell. We stopped and grabbed a cup of coffee and suited up for the last hour and a half into Denver. We started the trip at like 9am from AZ and ended at Clay's at 1:30am in Denver. Crazy ass day. This morning we started out with a sesh at Boulder. Such a good park. Super good lines, like riding cement trails. I am stoked to go on this trip tomorrow. We are headed all through the Rockies hitting up all the parks and local spots we can. Camping, riding, night time festivities, all of this is going to be a riot with the Pusher Crew. We are filming as much as possible so be sure to stay tuned. -Mat Olson
Mr. Filth keepin PHZ filthy...check it out. AZ has the best spots, dam. Check out Mat Olson Flip whippin and some wild big tire dudes flailin. PlusSizeBMX Lyons Outdoor Games Slopestyle. PlusSizeBMX Lyons Outdoor Games Slopestyle from Scott Klumb on Vimeo. London from Coloradeco carving at only 7 years old. Doing it for Pusher BMX. Featured set up...Alejandro... Chad chilling in Daytona on Father's Day, good session.
If you can read Spanish feel free to tell me what I say in this interview. When I did this I assumed it would be on a site or magazine, but no, neither. So I contacted them to see what goes on and they said they don't have a website. Really odd and funny, screw it. The pics are some of my favorites specially the Osiris add, shit man, I took it hard on that one but it came out sweet thanks to Chip Riggs and Kip Williamson. -Chad D
Roast of Rob Nolli, more pics coming soon, or check my Facebook. Alejandro hitting us when with his Succubus edit...hell yes. Please facebook this chain letter fool. Here is your moments of ZEN. B-cups

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