White trash flip...Biz's beat of the day...BK edit...ROOOOOF sesh

This post has some funny shit. Sorry to put so much BMX here, but BK has a good edit, and Shoe-G gave me an interview on his Japanese site. The hair farmer trying flips is amazing, at its from the old Rampage skatepark. Also, there is a Miami roof session and Biz's beat of the day. Before you go outside, check the weather, make sure its not fucking raining or fucking hot or fucking  something. redneckdeco. My buddy Shoe-G from Japan has a sweet site and he took some time to give me an interview. Covering riding in general to skateparks and getting naked. Well not the naked part, but the interview turned out pretty well, read it HERE Here it is, our trip to Miami for this roof...it is amazing. I have way more clips and good ass pics...enjoy. Go to BNQT for more videos. If you didn't know about BK slaying rails, check this edit out from DK...DAMN FUCKIN GOOD DK Bicycles: Brian Kachinsky Web Video from Vinylbmx on Vimeo. If you don't know how to beat-box, watch Biz's beat of the day. My Kid will see a black person and start doing this. white-trash-survival-kit-deco.red_neck_car_deco.redneckdeco. brumlow and people who annoy you

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