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Ever seen a squirrel drop out of a tree, thud, and run off? Pretty sure we all have...but this is some funny shit. Specially when they fall like 20 feet. Saw this today. It is only human to be shocked but also laugh and say damn...then a pause just in case the lil prick is really hurt. Knowing your not going to do anything to help. I mean your not going to risk getting what they have to help them. And stomping it is really pretty gnarly. I have yet to both help or stomp a squirrel. They always land hard as hell, shake it off, and go back to collecting nuts or what they do. They do make a shitty noise that almost sounds like GET OUT OF HERE YOU. Always when they are really high up in a tree and know we can't do nothing to them. Taunting it feels like. So I guess today I am happy for a few things; 1- the squirrel did not get hurt 2- I did not have to stomp one 3- that those lil pricks don't get the best of me by taunting me. With all that said, go collect nuts if that is what your into. Be nice and laugh and funny stuff even if its a squirrel falling. And check out this weeks post below...killing it. -Chad D

Tom Villarreal - DIG X Madera BMX

Tom Villarreal - DIG X Madera BMX / Subscribe to the DIG channel for more videos - http://bit.ly/DigBMX DIG online store - http://bit.ly/1OY6niJ Tom Villarreal knows how to ride fast and have fun. Whether we were cruising spot to spot near Tom's apartment in Long Beach or sweating bullets in the summer heat of the San Fernando Valley the filming sessions for this video were full of smiles. Tom is always charging full speed ahead and we love it! http://maderabmx.net Filmed and edited by Chris Bracamonte Visit our website for more BMX videos - http://digbmx.com


MAT OLSON @matuptobat Escaping the incoming winter weather in Flagstaff, the #funitcrew invited me to ride some street spots in Phoenix. While driving down there the white walls came up. I haven't been for years, so when we decided to make the trek I was hyped. Here is a little peek into a short edit I made. Riders; @flagwoods @alex_slayton @41tru @tysxnbluejevns #decobmx @decobmx www.decobmx.com

These pictures says it all. Bmx is the shit. Riding bikes is pure fun for @matuptobat picture taken by: @flagwoods


MATT CLOSSON After work ????s #overtime #workshirt ????: @galacticseabass @mattclosson #decobmx #bmx


Please Goto @digbmx site http://digbmx.com/features/blunted-athletics-forever-rolling-dvd and check out the Blunted crew and what they had to say. #decobmx #bmx MATT CLOSSON killed it @mattclosson


"It's wild how @terryadamsbmx gets to this position. I must of shot this switch 20 times trying to dial the photo in." -- @matt_coplon #bmx #profileracing @profile_racing #profileZcoaster

Terry Adams Frame Hop

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