Work out, scraper bike, Mesh commercial, and shitty pics

Be a man and work out. Are you a man. Do you see aliens. Are you a virgin. Can you do a gravity bong and stand up. Do you want a DECO. stickers? Mesh commercial in Props Mesh Skatepark commercial for Props from Chad DeGroot on Vimeo. Have you ever seen someone so fat you think they could hide a gun in their fat rolls? This guy did. There is a yard in my neighborhood, we live is a really nice area, that tends to push the yard limits. At any given time there will be 8 jet ski's, a washer and dryer set in the front yard, over 10 cars, grass over 2 feet high, bouncy pits, trailers, piles of bricks, and what the fuck all over the front yard. They do sell most of the shit, or try to. Found this sign on their work truck funny, spelled "For Sae" Love these people and junk collectors that show off their treasures in the front yard. Updates coming soon. for sale Jeff Harrington sent this one over, who wouldn't want to go to a VAG church picnic. Would make it way more interesting.vag picnic This is a screen shot of the video above, love mustaches to death. huckercize I thought this was Posh Spice, but I am not sure. Would have to ask some English fucker, cause they know everything, specially about football which is really soccer. Fuck it, she is hot. You have any hotter pics, send them my way. EnglandVictoriaBeckham If you like dicks, check out here for kicks, they are at the cock limit this week. Some pics with Tim Payne's brother who is the guitarist from Andrew W.K. and them skating his rib cage while eating out James ass. James is still a virgin. His first is coming soon. Interbike should break his hyman. Were gonna cuff him and let some hot ass 10 sit on him, get it over with. Start counting the days James. This is james young and This is james still a virgin but won't be for longerik keeling

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