Would you or have you

Would you or have you ever: Shave your mustache by chewing off the hair Clean your toilet by pissing on the crud Sold cigs to minors and kept their $ Brewed beer if you have $ your old enough Acted black Sold used sox on eBay Sold a bible from a hotel room Sold a cow bell on eBay Lick your fingers a lot Smell everything Know what magic dollar is Been busted shaving your choad Drank out of a toilet Eaten cat or dog food Lick your fingers cause you love sass Hit a deer and brought it home to eat Tucked your dick n pretended to be girl Dropped food on the ground and ate it cause your hungry Fake Id for every month to get free meals and car washes. Probably get free bday parties for awhile to said "I'm a meatatarian and love acid" Don't forget to slap your troubles away... Peel out in your living room This is amazing, sausage soup, who can last the longest? Hatchet wound Tape bacon to a cat for fun

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