You have seen one of these I assume?

Some of these pics are pretty funny, some are real. The chick with the tits at the bottom of this post, you'll see it. Pancake sized brown-as-shit nipples and veins that look like pixie sticks. That shit made me puke a little bit, but then laugh and want to see her in real life. If anyone knows her, tell her to holla at me in Vegas for Interbike. She looks like that chick in that one movie where she goes crazy and sledge hammers that writers ankles with a block of wood between them. mime-attachment-19mime-attachmentmime-attachment-1mime-attachment-12mime-attachment-17mime-attachment-8mime-attachment-5mime-attachment-3mime-attachment-10mime-attachment-14mime-attachment-4mime-attachment-11mime-attachment-14mime-attachment-13mime-attachment-2mime-attachment-6mime-attachment-15 Have you seen CDC? There is a chick here locally that is in love with him. Not sure if I see it, maybe he has a huge cock? puke brown tits with veins staring at you Why isn't this chick in porn. I want a video...

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