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If Your ever in a room of people who don’t know each other i will guarantee everyone will be on a phone and if there are kids they will have a phone, tablet, or iPad. Stare at little glowy things. Makes life go by. START with a trip to Japan. Scroll down for the October decobmx09 YouTube video mash up. congrats to Thomas Noyer for the French win. Sale frames. Tsutomu bike build. Who wants stickers? And peek the instaVids stacking and packing the good ones below. Enjoy your weekend and #decobmx everything so we can keep an eye on the good shit. Thanks. -Chad D Take a journey to Japan.
Japan Flatark and Ark League in the land of the rising sun. First flight of 3 next is over 7200 miles to Korea and 15 hours long. Clocking miles but days in a plane. Properly packed food in my bag, dranks, and entertainment. Gucci on repeat. Been a minute since I traveled so it’s time to pull some old school tricks. But not before dude next to me puked inside his backpack. In and out of sleep coma. Lots of movies. Lot of sitting. Saw on two occasions women going into the men’s room at two different airports. Only happy Japanese. So easy to be in a good mood around happy people. No fat people. Think they have it figured out or just don’t play the USA games? I’m good with all of this as most is out of my hands. By choice. I would not want it all. Who would. Getting deep this morning boys. Takes a few days of interesting perspectives and personalities meshing around in my head to refresh what is around me. I am here a long time and for the good times. You needed me to say this. Bmx is in my life. Did you know It is shorter to fly the Great Circle route than a straight line due to the circumference of the earth being so much greater at the equator than near the poles. Pretty sure the earth is not flat earth ?. 20k miles flown 40 hours in the air 20 miles walked 20 high balls drank 20/15 vision I see clearly Great weather, awesome food, amazing riding, and in my book as one solid pleasurable trip. Thank you. -Chad D
Sale item of the week: Jackpot 21" frame all three colors only $199 and free shipping. CLICK HERE to get at your door. Since Tsutomu had his bike stolen he has since put together a new whip...check it out and so sweet. @tsutomukitayama lost his bike last month but back on it with this unreal set up and check this dopeness out ???? #decobmx @profile_racing #profileracing #bmx #decojapan Check out our YouTube channel DecoBMX09 and here is October for you: Who wants stickers? Every year for the past 10 I’ve tried to make it into the yellow at burger banks. This trip to Cali. finally revealed the secret. Thanks to @mikehinkens for the pic. - @matt_coplon Congrats to Thomas Noyer on the win and check this short video out...DecoFrance Upcoming events:
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Happy Halloween #decobmx #halloween #video #superzoom #bmx

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Happy Halloween bubs #decobmx #bmx @terryadamsbmx

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This full flip is absolutely insane @terryadamsbmx #decobmx #bmx

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