Banned 4 premier at Mr. B's

Mr. B's premiered Banned 4 and it was amazing. Not going to spoil it by any means, but they all crashed a lot, fell out of the sky, and do their Banned 4 life shit. Pick  it up HERE or HERE. They say it will be out soon, not available yet...soon. This first pic is one of the best photos I have ever taken. Well, in a sense that there is a middle finger, no eyes are open, dirty mustaches and a bunch of hair. Banned crew hard at work. Banned premier 3 KP looks like he wears lipstick, fake tan, and some prison tattoos. Dreams come true with this kid. Get him on Jerry Springer. Banned premier 1 This pic is really blurry. Thanks for everyone who turned up, except Joey Florida. Banned premier 4 Another one with eyes closed. Not sure why. Banned premier 5 Miles made it back to Florida to show off his raccoon tail, greasy hair, and get caught holding a Deco. frame. Rumors can start now. Banned premier 2 Austin Coleman and Spinner stopped by. Austin is licking the eye of the big boss MR. Austin picked up the Deche FAT seat, so if you like how he rides and want to ride like him, get one for yourself. Banned premier 6

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