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What are your plans for Black Friday? I don't know, but I do know I want to save a ton of money on stuff, that is sweet, saving money is the best. START-Black beanies in stock now and more secret hats in the works, but for now get  your drool soaked up in this head heater. Only at the Deco SHOP. Save a few bucks all weekend long with 15% off. Matt Coplon took out the good camera to show you 3 pics all shot by Scott Ehlert. Tracked down TJ, doesn't happen unless there is an event at Mr. B's but we got him on film and pics and an update. SPOT Roast is just around the corner. FLBMX series has the stops listed as well. Karl Poynter late night session at a new skatepark. Tom V tuck at height. Win stuff care of QBP...check below for more details. And the Turkey SHOCKA.  END -Chad D
Chad D showing off his skills, said he woke up in a new Bugatti. Deco beanies are ready to ship...get them now HERE. $17.99 Chad D Deco beanieDeco beanies Black Friday sale extends to Sunday night as well so get your 15% off with code BLACKFRIDAY at check out on the Deco SHOP Deco-Black-FridayBlack-Friday-Phone-Deals
Chad riding on his front wooden porch. Check it out with riding pics, close ups, and the long awaited freecoaster hub CLICK HERE.
No 1 as seen on @hiroshi430 with @tsutomukitayama #decobmx #tsutomuknowsdeco
Tsutomu cover of Hidden mag
Another weekend another set of dope ass pics care of Scott Ehlert, riding by Matt Coplon himself. No stunt double this weekend. Tabes the gap, tuck next to the yellow rail, and style tuck over the bar. Coplon Boardwalk Tabe Coplon Rail Boost 11_23_13 Coplon Hop Thru 11_23_13 color Every once in awhile I run into TJ and he doesn't let down. Although its far between I did find this on his instagram from the MR. B's 4 year jam. TJ coffin ride to wall to flat...and the 180 bar is dope off the wave bench. CLICK HERE to see TJ do that wild ass wallride and more...damn. TJ mr 4 yearMr_005 MR. B's KNOWS HOW TO PARTY...4 years strong 4 years long.  Click here to see all the pics, links, and video MR 4 year huge crowd We are giving away 2 Deco prize packs this week! Here is what you have to do to win. We have a secret word hidden on one of the Deco product pages click through to find it. Once you have the secret word leave a comment with the word in it and we will pick two of the funniest ones. You must live in the US to win. Good luck! CLICK HERE TO ENTER IMG_7396 SPOT Roast is coming up and as always its a good time...don't miss it. BMXRoast2013 FLBMX series announced the stops for 2014, this is coming up soon for the first stop so be ready, set, GO. photo (1)
Blasting and spreading them wings @tomvillarreal letting loose for @justinbuttsfilm camera #lifeislifted #decobmx #tomknowsdeco Tom Villarreal spreads them wings by Butts Karl Poynter wrapping up a late night session at New Republic park and he wanted to give a shout out to all the locals there. Karl P session at new skatepark Moments of ZEN Scott Powell deco pedalsTurkey shocka

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