Mr. B's is OPEN and Mesh Skatepark is closed for good.

Mr. Bikes n Boards is now open. While we are sad that Mesh is being torn down, we are happy to announce we opened for all your ratty kids needs. We carry the same line, still have James the virgin as the manager, and myself will being doing the day to day. Stop by if your in town or just need some good shit. We are slim on shoes, still trying to open accounts, but we do have a full line of completes and a cardboard cutout of Stone Cold. Come get your pic with him. Thanks to everyone who supported or helped out in anyway at Mesh SP, it was a good run, but now its done son...Thanks everyone. james assMr- 2Mr- 1 bk MR Ohh ya, here is a really shitty video of the last night. Didn't think breaking out a light would cause a riot...fuck life Here is another video that has nothing to do with anything cept boobs and sand sand boobs Here are some pics from the last night at mesh mesh closing 1mesh closing 4mesh closing 5mesh closing 2mesh closing 6

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