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Going green, save the planet, ya all that stuff. Today I rode my bike with orders going out to UPS to ship stuff and cars were looking at me like I am an alien. I love it. Trying to make a backpack that fits a frame box in it so I can do this easier. Just wait. First off I want you to make sure you check out the TEAM PAGE and its updated all the time. These dudes are legit and its going to get better. Deco 2013 bubs. Start-Mulville and myself doing school demos with no ramps, Mark killed it. Saw a superman, no foot can can, turndown, and some other flat style moves getting the kids on two wheels and excited. Ever seen a halftime bike show? Check out Mat, Morgan and TA throwing down. Matt, Mark, and myself hitting up Tampa for the day at the Banes backyard sesh on one hell of a ramp, then off to a front yard cement session. That place is so incredible. Just before sundown dock flat session in your face. Japanese humor, keep the vids coming. One love with Kerry and Dylan and crew doing it chill style. Tang hitting you with his new FuForks in 15mm offset coming June 7th to the USA. More school shows.  LIFTED frames only available at MR. B's, Dans Comp, Pusher BMX, Goods, Pedal Action BMX, and get on their sites or give them a call and make it happen to support what were doing. And get it together sponsor-me emails. DANG. -Chad D
Check out the demo at Lake Orienta school for Play 60 event to get kids out and run, jump, and ride to have fun. It was all about exercise. There was some candy and crappy pizza there but for the most part healthy lifestyle was supported and get out of the damn house and ride bikes. Mulville throwing it down. -Chad D Check out Mat Olson, Morgan Wade, and TA halftime show edit. Here is Matt Coplon at the Banes backyard, this ramp is pretty choice and only getting better. Can can tooth on some tight tranny and stylie nose pick.  #mattknowsdeco Pics by: Chad D TONS MORE PICS UP ON THE VITALBMX.COM PAGE YOU DON'T WANT TO NOT SEE THESE First time doing a nose to fakie and going to the top of the slant wall, Chad D still on that front wheel. AND a nose whip to fakie on the proper deck spine. Someone build one of those close to Orlando, love it. #chadknowsdeco Pics by: Coplon TONS MORE PICS UP ON THE VITALBMX.COM PAGE YOU DON'T WANT TO NOT SEE THESE We are fortunate to know people willing to let us ride our bikes at their spots, a backyard ramp is one thing but this is the front yard...doesn't get much better than this. Coplon doing tabes and Chad doing oppo tabes and a dock flatland switch with style to end a sweet full day of riding. #decobmx #shakeyourdeco Pics by: Chad n Matt Can't get enough of this place, so much character, so much style, so good. If you own it build on it. Chad D nose pick tucked inside the tree and a dock switch just before sunset. #chadknowsdeco #decobmx Pics by: Coplon TONS MORE PICS UP ON THE VITALBMX.COM PAGE YOU DON'T WANT TO NOT SEE THESE The Japanese humor kills me, love it... POWER TO THE PEOPLE - 430 BMX HOW TO RIDE - from hiroshi430 on Vimeo. Didn't seem like  a huge turn out but its always good seeing Dylan and Kerry throwing down. 4/20Jam from One Love BMX on Vimeo. Tang Meng just got on the 15mm offset FuForks and he says they are amazing. They will be available in Japan late May and in the USA the first week of June. Sorry for the wait but boats, trains, and trucks are not the fastest forms of transportation so now we wait and dream of the best forks out. With and without 990 tabs and with cable guides, yes we thought of that. #shakeyourdeco #decobmx For more info on FuForks hit this CLICK Mat wants you to check  him on Vine THE MONSTER was filming some of their school shows...hell yes. Check out Albes, they are getting into the Deco side. Lifted frames and where to get at Dans comp, Albes, Mr. B's, Goods, Pedal Action BMX,  and PusherBMX Your moment of Zen Sponsor me letter #357...this one is pretty funny even if it is made up...or is it? Chad, I is tyred of paying for bike $hit. Can u get that Deko guy withe stache to spansar me.? I REALLY WANT BAD TO BE ON THE DEKO TEAM AND GET FREE $HIT. U can tell how badddd I wants it by how loud I shouted that. I would be good for Deeco as I can ride real good. I can wheely all the way down my driveway. I am lerning some trick call a cherrypicker but I keep whacking my junk on the front of the bike, mayb u can flow me a better fram that don't hurt my sack. I dont do no drugs except for meth cuz it lets me ride for daze and dont care so much about my sack beeing all swoled up from that dope azz cherrypicker trick.
 OK enough of that. I think my IQ just dropped 15 points writing that. Not to mention this is probably the 963rd mail like this you have received since posting your blog. Hope all is well and you are having a good spring. Not much riding here in Iowa yet as our two tiny metal parks aren't open yet and I am to damn old (hence the cherrypicker reference above) to climb the fence; and the trails are still a swamp.
Have a good one.

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