Tattoos and old videos

There are a lot of people who think old videos, mainly VHS, shouldn't be on the internet or its sucking your own dick a little bit. It really can go both ways, but Efraim interviewed a few folks about the matter and its pretty interesting the views people had on this matter. I actually put in my 2 cents as well. Click the link below and read up. Also, Catfish and BHunt stopped by to buy some slices of pizza for the kids and Mulville, do some magic tricks, and sesh the casselberry scene. They were actually on there way to Cali and stopped by. Do the math...Ohio, Florida, Cali. While at the shop a local named Dave won a free DK complete for getting a "DK BMX" tatoo behind his floppy ear. Catfish was pretty excited cause this was his first neck tattoo. Simply amazing. Then Catfish proceeded to shock everyone with a voltage thing. Hours of fun all while the Pro Town: Greenville premier was going on. The circus was in town for sure.  Check it... Keep in mind that washing your car at the casselberry house with one shoe and no shirt is very necessary for a visit. DK pizza/magic day and Pro Town Greenville premier from Chad DeGroot/Deco. on Vimeo.

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